Ghulam Murtaza

Description: Dr Ghulam Murtaza is eResearch services manager at Intersect Australia where he manages a team of eResearch Analysts based at its member universities. He has been working in the eResearch sector for more than six years where he has worked across multiple universities to help them build their eResearch capability and capacity. Ghulam Murtaza is a Systems and Networks researcher by training where he has used Machine Learning techniques to improve the energy efficiency of sensor platforms. He has more than 15 years of experience in cross-disciplinary research.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Experience: expert

Expertise academic: Computer Science, Machine Learning, Information Scurity, High Performance Computing

Expertise technical: java, C, HPC, python, R, matlab, linux, regexes

Interest: Data Science, Data Management

Activity: Training Development, Training Delivery

Language: English, Panjabi; Punjabi, Urdu